Thaeon is a combination of Theos (anc. greek. — god, deity) and Aeon (meaning time, eternity)

Thaeon is a quartet of deliverance playing the fresh Old School Melodic Death Metal out of Perm (yeah, that's a city name), Russia. Founded in 2002.

The band's music is influenced by multitude of stylistic, as one would say, controversies, from Michael Jackson to death and black metal acts,

and while being such an eclectic mixture of genres it still exemplifies the principle of «carrot» (sweet melodies) and «hook» (catchy riffs).




&The younger blood» Joined in in 2010 being the youngest member of the band.

Guitarist to the backbone, he has a couple side-projects and gives lessons on mastering the instrument.

A passionate fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and a zealous enthusiast of Bioshock universe.




An ardent lover of having fun and fooling around on the stage and on the whole

Plays as much video games as he can lay his hands on and spends all of his spare time with his wife and son.


vocals, guitars.

Del Tremens

The founder and mastermind responsible for all the music and lyrics.

Helplessly in love with the literary "Witcher" universe by Andrzej Sapkowski, japanese anime and fighting games.

Quite an ardent fancier of UFC.

Despite seeming aggression is a sweet-hearted guy, who is mad about cats.




Garr — «The meat and might».

The might of the line up due to his monolith rhythm sections and love for weight lifting.

Runs his gym.

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